TGIF MLK Weekend


I hope you are having a good week. The writers have really outdone themselves this time. I’ve also included a link to one of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s speeches. May you be informed, inspired, and blessed. 

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend. If you have family, spend some time with them. Do something fun. If its just you then do something recreational or something you love. If you have a church family, meet with them. If not, visit a local church this weekend. Their pastor would love to meet you.

  1. 5 Ways to Energize Your Team || Michael Hyatt
  2. Changing the Narrative || BeautyBeyondBones
  3. Commentary: Church Shouldn’t Be This Hard || Tom Ehrich
  4. Donald Trump, False Prophets, and Why You’re Struggling to See God || Sean Palmer
  5. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr – I Have a Dream Speech || YouTube

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