Jesus Centered Movement

2017-08-22 14.04.29.pngThe church must recapture its first priority. The church is not a monument dedicated to Jesus. The church is not a memorial honoring Jesus. The church is not a living memory of Jesus. The church is not an organization or a physical property to be maintained. The church is a movement. Continue reading


My Easter Hope

2017-03-28 10.59.42.pngI grew up Catholic but when I went to college I stopped going to mass. The only time I remember going was during Holy Week (Holy Week leads up to Easter). I attended a Maundy/Holy Thursday service.  I went because I thought I might witness the Stations of the Cross. They did not give the Stations that evening. I missed it and it is one of the traditions that I miss from my Catholic days. I did not go the next day of any other day afterward. I thought, “this may be last time I go to church.” Little did I know, God had different plans.

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