Five Reasons a Christmas Eve Service Reaches the Unchurched

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It is likely the single day of the year more unchurched decide to visit a church.

It is an incredible opportunity for most congregations.

While Easter is the day most churchgoers decide to show up at the same time, Christmas Eve is indeed prime time for the unchurched. Why is that? Here are five key reasons: Continue reading


Unexpected Belief

2017-12-05 14.24.34Mary accepted the angelic message that she would give birth to a son conceived by the Holy Spirit. She did not choose this pregnancy but she accepted it. Her husband Joseph does not believe her story (do you blame him?). He wants to be faithful to the law and show compassion to his wife by divorcing her privately. He may have chosen Mary to be his wife but he did not choose this pregnancy. Yet, like Mary, Joseph accepted Jesus as his son despite this unexpected event.

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An Unlikely List

2017-11-28 14.02.47We all have an interest in where we came from. We are also interested in other people’s stories. We ask each other, “Where did you grow up?” and “Who are your parents?” Yet, sometimes we may withhold some details in our family tree or the events surrounding a loved one’s conception and birth. Not Matthew. In the opening of his gospel, he stuns the world with an unlikely list of names found in Jesus’ family tree. There is no pattern of righteous, just a list of everyday people. Matthew wants us to see what kind of people God chooses to work with. I am surprised and yet I’m not.

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