The Newlywed Game || Guest Post

2017-06-19 09.38.24The newlywed game. Fun. Exciting. Full of adventure. Something new around every turn. These are a few of the ways people describe this time of life—being newlyweds. As a couple, who has been married for a mere 11 days, we’ll give you some incite into what it’s like to merge two lives together including the joys and the challenges we have come across thus far. Continue reading


Resonant Leadership: Attunement > Alignment

img_0130“Leaders have more trouble than anybody else when it comes to receiving feedback, particularly about how they’re doing as leaders.” – Daniel Goleman, Primal Leadership

I learned while serving as Lead Minister in a prior ministry that it was difficult to receive feedback from the eldership and those who reported to me. I created a formal system of evaluation and feedback for the organization that was administered twice a year. This proved to be insufficient.

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