Going to Space || Guest Post

2017-06-07 21.23.53Church planting isn’t totally like going to space, but it does have some similarities.  As a kid I dreamt about becoming an astronaut. I imagined myself going through the months of training and then the day of the launch. Even though I was full of excitement I also had a little bit of fear. How fast would the rocket be going? Would I survive the launch? Would I wet my pants? So many important questions for a kid. And here I am now, definitely not a kid and definitely not an astronaut, but very excited about a different launch that God has been preparing my family for.

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We Cannot Serve God Alone: Ministry in the Image of God


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“Ministry… is not so much asking Christ to join us in our ministry as we offer him to others; ministry is participating with Christ in his ongoing ministry as he offers himself to others through us.” – Stephen Seamands

In this week’s blog I reflect on the first two chapters of Stephen Seamands’ book, Ministry in the Image of God: The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service.

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Trumpets, Pyrotechnics and Terror; The First Megachurch Worship Service: Reflections on Exodus 19-20:21


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At First Glance – Read Exodus 19-20:21
Moses and the Israelites set up base camp at Mt. Sinai. God’s intentions are to have the Israelites close enough that they can hear Him speak to Moses. The priests are all ready for something to go down. They have been consecrated. God wants them to look but not touch. He names some very specific violent actions that are to be taken against anyone who even touches the mountain. Oh, and you better keep your lamb on a leash. For a time, I thought that God only talked to Moses but here the people can hear God or overhear Him. God’s preparing them to be a kingdom of priests, a Holy nation.

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