2017-10-24 12.09.07“But you’re so young.” This was the concern of many minister search teams when I was interviewing for my next ministry. Once I responded with, “I’m thirty-five years old, it’s not like I’m living in my mom’s basement playing Halo.” I listened to my wife’s counsel not to respond to that concern in that way again. What we might be prone to think is that we want our leaders to have arrived. What if instead we desired that our leaders and ourselves be ever-growing. Continue reading


Resonant Leadership: Attunement > Alignment

img_0130“Leaders have more trouble than anybody else when it comes to receiving feedback, particularly about how they’re doing as leaders.” – Daniel Goleman, Primal Leadership

I learned while serving as Lead Minister in a prior ministry that it was difficult to receive feedback from the eldership and those who reported to me. I created a formal system of evaluation and feedback for the organization that was administered twice a year. This proved to be insufficient.

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TGIF Snow Day!


image courtesy unsplash.com

My social media timelines are filled with all my friend’s snow days. Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and even my beautiful state of Colorado have all been turned into winter wonderlands! Temps dropped to below zero in my community, that’s cold for me. So wherever you are, make some snowballs, or curl-up with some hot cocoa or a hot beverage of your choice (I’ve got a hot tea seeping right now) and enjoy some interesting links.

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