Marvel || Stories That Amaze

marvel_titleThere is a story included in both Matthew and Luke of Jesus healing a Roman Centurion’s servant. Healing someone is amazing but that is not the most amazing part of the story. Well, according to Jesus it isn’t.

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Miracle Mayhem, God Wins by Knockout: Reflections from Exodus 11-15:21


At First Glance – Read Exodus 11-15:21
The miracles continue! For the Egyptians you could say that the terror continues. The worst of the worst happens to each Egyptian household. Even for those who are in prison their firstborn dies. Even for those who are not directly connected to this battle between God and Pharaoh, there are consequences. Is this an example of communal sin? Slavery and oppression existed in Egypt. They’re infrastructure was built on the backs of slaves. They profit on free labor and the wealthy get filthy rich. But the Israelites are too numerous to control anymore because they have a God who has not forgotten them and is sympathetic to their plight. In fact, being more than sympathetic he fights for his people until the very end. All they must do is be still and let Him do His thing!

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