4 Ways to Have Moving Worship

2017-09-26 13.12.40Worshipping God requires movement. I don’t mean swaying and snapping your fingers (acceptable church of Christ dancing). Moving worship is not just about expressiveness it is about God and the formation of our lives into the likeness of Jesus. I believe worship should be spirited and emotive but more than that it must be spiritual. This involves moving with the Spirit. Here are four movements required for spiritual, Christ-centered, life-changing worship.    Continue reading


Going to Space || Guest Post

2017-06-07 21.23.53Church planting isn’t totally like going to space, but it does have some similarities.  As a kid I dreamt about becoming an astronaut. I imagined myself going through the months of training and then the day of the launch. Even though I was full of excitement I also had a little bit of fear. How fast would the rocket be going? Would I survive the launch? Would I wet my pants? So many important questions for a kid. And here I am now, definitely not a kid and definitely not an astronaut, but very excited about a different launch that God has been preparing my family for.

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Habits – Part 4: Engage Those Far from God

heman womun hatersIf you are part of a club or an organization that only allowed people to join by invitation you would probably be extremely excited to accept their offer to become a member. You made it in! Conversely, after you have accepted their invitation, you might be a little upset if they decided to allow more and more people to join the ranks.

When you were on the outside you may have wished that more people would be allowed on the inside. Unfortunately, what happens often is that when you finally get on the inside you will be tempted to keep outsiders on the outside. You grow increasingly more concerned with how the club serves you than inviting more people into your club. Ironically, club growth may actually be part of the club’s mission.

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Habits – Part 2: Make it Better

make it better

All organizations can fall into a rut of repeatedly doing the same things in the same ways even when they do not produce the results that they want. I think this can especially be true of churches. Churches and non-profits that resign themselves to routine will commonly say things like,

“People just aren’t interested in Jesus (church) anymore.”

“There are so many other things that compete with people’s time.”

“We’ve never done it that way before.” Variations include: “We’ve always done it this way,” and, “That’s always been our tradition.”

“Don’t upset the apple cart.”

“Don’t rock the boat.”

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