For Christian Parents of Grads || How You Can Help Your Graduate Make A Successful Transition To College

2017-05-12 10.08.09So you have a son or daughter who is headed off to college. You want them to have a successful transition in this new stage of life. How can you assist them with this transition in a way that helps them grow in their faith? I’ve got six suggestions.

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A Church In & For Our Community

This weekend our church celebrated our first Others’ Day. A big hearty thanks to everyone who prayed for this day and to everyone at the Littleton Church. A big thanks to our local King Sooper’s stores for donating grocery bags. Also, a huge thanks to our neighbors for donating food! It really was a community event!

2016-09-06-18-22-01“Don’t just go to church, be the church. If simply going to church is your plan, you are missing out on the best that the church has to offer.”
– Craig Groeschel

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